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Greetings earthlings,
I'm Mira, welcome to my blog. I'm an awesome young warthog. I'm 18. I'm madly in love with Michael Jackson and Kobe Bryant and Bruno Mars and Munro Chambers. Oh, and I'm a Degrassi stan, so you'll be seeing a lot of that on here. Fair warning. Get with it or get lost. I'm also part of Rider University's Class of 2017. HOLLER. Enjoy my blog babies, but beware. It's really, really random.

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Favorite celebrity meme (5/5 candids)

Janet Jackson’s ex husband James DeBarge (1984-1985) credits Michael with stopping him from committing suicide back then.


The second worst burn that Two Face has ever felt.

[accidentally cares more about tv shows and fictional characters than education and academic success]


this is important to me




Life lesson: If anyone is scared of you, lick them.

#okay but if legendaries are basically like gods this is like zeus coming down from mt. olympus and licking your face

if it was zeus he’d do a hell of a lot more than lick your face let’s be real



do squirrels think about stuff

no because they’re so darn stupid



Last day of school ima walk in like..